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Administrative Team

 - Lanette Bellamy

Assistant Principal – Charli Lennon – 8th grade

Assistant Principal – Jennifer Regan – 7th grade

Assistant Principal – Katie Robinson – 6th grade

Counselor – Laura Covarrubias – 8th grade

Counselor – Shante' Taylor  - 7th grade

Counselor - Nakia Roberson – 6th grade

Director of Instruction – Ronnye Cowell

D.I. Helping Teacher – Krystal Love

Librarian - Nicole Canada

Nurse – Jessica Briones

Academic Achievement Specialist - Rico Sedeno

Academic Achievement Specialist - Leslie Thomas

Behavior Interventionist - Stacey Ramirez

Diagnostician - Elva Yulatic

LA/Reading CCIS - Bridget Pearce

Math CCIS – Katie Woodworth

Science CCIS - Tracy Orsak

Social Studies CCIS – Dorothy Swayze


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